The vivo V20 Camera Setup

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The OXO VOZU Mini Pro is a nice mid-budget Android smartphone that comes equipped with all the features one would expect from a mid-range smartphone. For example, it has a very nice dual camera setup in the form of a secondary lens. There’s also a handwriting recognition facility allowing you to take notes and share them with others via text message or email. It comes with a spacious 5.1-inch capacitive touchscreen with a high-definition display giving it a bright and vivid display. It is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon Surgical Processor along with a Quad HD capacitive AMOLED display. The battery has a large capacity of 1500mAH.

The OXO VOZU Mini Pro comes with a six.4-inch capacitive touchscreen and a gorgeous dual tone LCD screen. It has an aluminum unibody build that gives it a sleek look. The body is covered with a smooth textured black material that matches the color of the dual cameras that are placed in the front and rear. It has a physical home button that is touch sensitive and a volume control key at the top. The sides of the unit are textured as well and have a secondary camera tray that also doubles up as a fingerprint scanner.

The OXO VOZU Mini Pro comes with two sims – a Standard and a Nano SIM that offer Dual SIM connectivity. The built-in camera setup comes with eight cameras namely –

The OXO VOZU Mini Pro comes with a neat notification system that lets you know when the battery is getting low, if the device is switched off and even when it’s being charged. The VOZU Charge allows users to charge their phone even while they are travelling. A neat feature of the OXO VOZU Mini Pro is its unique Quick Release Connector. This connector can be detached from the unit in just seconds with the help of a USB cable. The connector easily attaches to the front or the back of the unit so you can easily take it along. This convenient connector allows you to release the battery or charge the phone without having to mess around with the SIM tray, which is not only inconvenient but also time consuming. vivo v20

The VOZU Mini Pro comes with a huge amount of memory. It comes with 2GB of memory for the user’s files and additional space for additional apps. With a total of 16GB of memory, the vivo v20 definitely offers a lot of space to spare. To increase storage, the OXO VOZU Mini Pro uses an efficiently coded system that allows you to add new files with a single tap. Furthermore, the VOZU is equipped with an efficient and speedy Windows interface that lets you launch applications with just one touch.

The vivo v20 is a tiny device compared to other digital cameras in the market today. Its size is just enough to provide for its purpose. It has a nice combination of compactness and powerful features. The OXO VOZU Mini Pro fits perfectly into the palm of your hand and offers users the chance to capture memories without the hassle of carrying large and heavy digital cameras. If you want something compact that can capture professional looking images, then the VOZU Mini Pro is perfect for you. Check out the link below for more information on the OXO VOZU Mini Pro camera setup.

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